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Dining Promotions

All alcoholic beverages listed exceed 1.2% ABV, except mocktails.

Croffle Delights

Treat yourself to our wonderful selection of crispy golden croffles – a delightful combination of the buttery layers of a croissant with the crispiness of a waffle.

The Conservatory Tea Set

A contemporary take on this cornerstone of British tradition, The Conservatory offers a refreshing tea set daily.

Seafood Specials

Take your celebration to the next level with a variety of fresh seafood on ice at The Conservatory. King prawns, griddled sea scallops, Boston lobsters and Daniel Sorlut oysters are the order of the day for seafood lovers.

Spritzer Specials

Savour in a selection of refreshing spritzer cocktails at The Conservatory for a light and bubbly cocktail before your dinner.
The Conservatory Happy Hour

The Conservatory Happy Hour

There is no better way to unwind after work than by coming to Happy Hour at Three Bottles. Paired with a complimentary snack, order your drink of choice from a selection of spirits, house wines, and draught beers, and enjoy the cozy ambience as your stress melts away.